Two girls, 15-ish, sit creekside in a sun-filled park in the early afternoon. A pretty one, with hoop earrings, sits on a stone ledge of a tunnel that swallows the creek, which runs for about 50 yards before it pops up again deeper into the park.
The not-as-pretty girl, a little plump and withdrawn, has her back to her friend, who is chatting on an iPhone with a fill-the-boredom vibe.
A young guy, 15-ish, with a pit bull on a leash walks up to them. They know each other it becomes clear. He sits in the grass across from the pretty girl, who keeps her lazy phone conversation up, and eventually beckons her to sit between his legs on the grass. She leans her back into him, though it’s clearly an awkward setup. He steals a kiss. Two minutes later he gets up abruptly with his dog and walks off without looking back.
The two girls — the pretty one still on the phone — look after him, with one part confusion, two parts knowing and two parts sorrow.