Crazy last couple of months. Moved in with my girlfriend?!, moved offices at work — we’re now in Emeryville, Calif., right across from Pixar’s headquarters, where they play soccer and do boxing and other odd aerobics at lunch behind their high fences; it’s a huge campus — is that it?

The new home is great. It’s near Lake Merritt, walking distance to three cool shopping districts, including downtown Oakland, Piedmont and Oakland’s Grand Lake hood. Living with the partner has been interesting. Blah, blah, blah. This isn’t a journal.

Took an early evening walk in the hood. Got coffee after a burrito and listened to the cloyingly obsequious pick-up lines of a guy from Tunis, Tunisia. He sat on a Peet’s bench in the waning evening and accosted girls that walked by as he talked about bedding them to his partner just after making his pitches. Some older Polish guys in paint-splattered clothing sat next to me on the bench I was on, speaking harshly in their tongue while I read Devil in the White City, loaned to me by InmanAndrea.