Published May 2, 2015

First Friday in Oakland, May 1, 2015.

It starts with the an evening swim. The East Bay Hills peak at different parts throughout Oakland and Berkeley, adding universe-to-the-sky feel whenever you sneak it.

First Friday in Oakland, the ramshackle, striving Bay Area steaze on full display: galleries open up and down warehouse-laden streets, people dressed up drinking and art everywhere.

This troupe was led by a dude wearing an amp on his back, blasting some type of techno. The dude in the white dinner jacket held a mic connected to the amp; he mumbled things into it every now and then. A bunch of cute girls were with them, too. They all wore digs with “Provibers” on it. Check it!

Hana was typing out poems on the street on small sheets of paper. Give her a subject and off she goes. Mine was “Art.” She stands up and reads it to you.


close your eyes and open

your mind to the ultimate

sublime, the expansive

diving, and when you dive

into the deep waters of truth

the illusion of reality will

guide you to the

source of some time and

place in space that

you always knew existed

for you have felt it before

and been told tall

tales that each

sacred soul on this earth

shall prevail.

hana lee (signed)